Lets Change the Norm!

Lets change our culture by speaking up when we hear hurtful comments!

Lets Change the Norm!

We can change our culture by responding in situations to prevent harmful things from happening!

Campus Advocacy, Resources, & Education

Prevention Education and Advocacy Help for Sexual Violence, Dating/Domestic Violence, and Stalking

Lets change the Norm!

Speak out against jokes about sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking will to help change our culture!

Lets Change the Norm!

Lets change our culture by supporting people who may need help, instead of ignoring them!

CARE Office Announcements

April is Sexual Assault Awareness
Month (SAAM) and the CARE Office 
is hosting a variety of events 
throughout the month. 
Find more details on 
If you have any questions 
regarding the events, please 
contact the Program Coordinator, 
Taylor Fugere
tfugere@ucmerced.edu or 
Director Yesenia